My Resume (written by me)

Now, you are probably wondering what experience I, the one marketing myself as a professional resume writer, have with resumes, cover letters, and helping job seekers, other than the samples on the ‘Resume and Cover Letter Portfolio’ page.

Ask and you shall receive.

Well, how better to show you than with my own resume? Below is page 1 of the document that brings to life the highlights of my over a decade of resume writing and general sales experience. (Multiple pages aren’t a resume sin, by the way–especially if you’ve been working for more than a few years.)

You see, resumes and cover letters are a form of salesmanship–except that instead of extolling the greatest strengths of a product and their benefit to a consumer, they exalt the strengths of you, the job seeker, and (especially) your benefit to employers.

Theodore P. Perrotti resume, page 1: (Click image below to view full document.)

Ted Perrotti professional resume writer presentation resume

Resume of professional with over a decade of professional resume writing and sales experience, formatted for person-to-person presentation.