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How do you get noticed in a crowd of hundreds? How do you, the business owner or entrepreneur, attract potential clients and customers as the provider for their needs when they have so many other choices on the web? How do you, the job seeker or college candidate, make yourself stand out from all the others vying for that job or school?

Customers researching a business on the web react to powerful written content, text that—while often working alongside graphics—itself tells a concise but powerful tale of how a company can solve their problems and meet their needs. And employers and colleges react to content that shows that the candidate who crafted that entrance essay or resume is like no other.

Content. In other words, stories.

And, while those stories usually star you and/or your company, they always focus on your reader’s needs.

We at Stories that Sell craft those stories for you through powerful written content. We create messages that will draw the 21st-century web-savvy person to you.

Whether it be through:

  • Engaging web content
  • Engrossing social media profiles
  • Fascinating blog articles that appeal to your target audience
  • Resumes, cover letters, and CV’s that make you stand out
  • Attractive college entrance essays
  • Top print marketing pieces
  • And more.

But does it work, you ask? Does story really draw readers to your company and/or to yourself?

Are you reading this page?

If so, check our services on the other tabs and contact us—we might be just what you’re looking for.