Who sells the employer on you before the interview?

You have just spotted the perfect career opportunity. You, a professional looking to advance or to transition to another career field (or perhaps a fresh graduate looking to start your career off well), have found a job opportunity that is just what you want.

But how do you get the interview? How do you entice the hiring manager to invite you to interview when you don’t even get to speak to them until the interview? How do you put the odds in your favor? After all, there are many other candidates also applying for that same job, many of which might have more and/or more relevant experience.

Well, you might have more relevant experience than you realize. Experience that is unique to you. The key to impressing employers with the knowledge, skills, and qualities you have to offer is your resume—a resume that, when paired with a well-tailored cover letter, brings all the skills and experience you have gained from past work and schooling to clear, dramatic life. Together, your resume and cover letter are like a story of you that draws the employer’s interest. And the interview sees them well before they ever meet you.

That’s why, if you hire Stories that Sell to write that great resume and cover letter for you, we will question you. We will look at your background and interview you to probe deeper into the work, projects, and volunteer jobs you have done. Then, we will use the knowledge from that interview, combined with our resume and sales experience to craft career search documents that are both uniquely you and that match the job requirements of the position you are applying for.

Do you want that? Then peruse the ‘Resume & Cover Letter Services’ tab to see in detail how we will work with you and how to contact us.