Stories sell. Stories shape. That’s why man has been telling them since the dawn of time. (Well, man has also been telling them to impress woman, but that’s another matter.)

Just a little after that dawn of time, I was born. Almost immediately, stories began shaping me. My favorite TV shows and movies, like Star Wars, the Ninja Turtles, and He-Man, gave me fodder for new adventures to dream of and write, heroes to look up to, and items to put on my “Oh! I gotta’ have that! Please, Mom and Dad?” list.

Some time later, a realization filtered through my thick skull. Isn’t what those stories taught me about my childhood heroes exactly what clients want people to think of their brand? Don’t they want people to ‘need’ the brand and to look up to it for quality?

Happily, a little school in Atlanta called the Portfolio Center provided me the knowledge and practice needed to turn my skills toward marketing copy, along with the ability to work without sleep.

And so, I began using my storytelling abilities and building up my expertise in areas such as photography and fitness to shine a light on what clients like yourselves have to offer, to make you the ‘hero’ to happily paying customers.

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