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Are you as good on paper as you are in reality?

As a freelance writer since 2011 (and an avid writer of fiction and nonfiction in general since long before then), I’ve talked to job candidates and dreamers, entrepreneurs and all matter of job seekers. Without exception, they had fascinating experiences and stories to tell that demonstrated their ingenuity, their quick thinking, their ability to analyze, and often their leadership skills under pressure. Employers look for all of these, in addition to hard skills.

But, almost always, these job candidates also had resumes that barely expressed the power of these experiences. Their resumes were factual but dry, not engaging to potential employers. I’ve seen too many of these dead documents that do nothing to set them apart from the other 249 or so candidates that, on average, are applying for the same position they are.

Job seekers with passion for their field have too much to offer in the workplace to have a resume and/or cover letter that, by failing to capture employers’ attention, blocks them from getting the precious interview that could help them advance in the field.

I have to change that. I’ve been gifted to change that. I’ve been promoting companies and individual job candidates since 2011 and, similarly, have been working sales since 2002. Selling and promoting is all about discovering benefits and bringing them to life, and candidates such as yourself have powerful benefits to show employers.

That’s why I formed Stories that Sell in 2011. That’s why I’m pouring my God-given writing talents into a professional freelance resume and cover letter service to help job candidates such as you get that interview. That’s why I want to help you dig into your experiences and bring out all the gems of accomplishment, the gems that will attract employers to want to interview you.

The good Lord God gave me the gift of words, including the ability to interview you, find the key skills behind accomplishments at your job or volunteer work, and to distill them into the powerful job descriptions/mini stories that will catch employers’ eyes and help you to get interviews.

We all have a passion about something. And we should be able to work in the area of that passion. A truly great resume and cover letter combination opens up interview opportunities by selling employers on what you have to offer before you even talk to them.

And that’s why I made Stories that Sell—to open those opportunities for you.


Ted Perrotti, founder

Stories that Sell



Two simple values:

I live and work by two central qualities while serving you, my client. They are:

  • Honesty and integrity—I do what I say and say what I do. When I promise you a job well done by the deadline, I deliver just that, no matter how much midnight oil I have to burn or home runs I have to miss (I like baseball). Guided by Christian values, I can do no less.
  • Creative individuality—You have your own unique strength and character. You are you—and no one else. I make sure that personality shines through and that your resume and cover letter stand out and get noticed.