Resume & cover letter services/pricing

 (c) Can Stock Photo Creative Commons: Hire Me Sign Meaning Job Applicant Or Freelancer by stuartmiles. Standard license.

(c) Can Stock Photo Creative Commons: Hire Me Sign Meaning Job Applicant Or Freelancer by stuartmiles. Standard license.

Your background, your life experience, is far more than just a stale list of dates, titles, and duties. And so should be your resume and cover letter. After all, they are largely what must convince an employer to want to interview you for that position you desire.

So how do I help you in that? How do I get to know your background and turn it into powerful career search documents? It’s pretty simple:


1, You give information. After hiring me, you submit any existing resume and cover letter you have, along with official job descriptions for positions you wish to pursue.

a. If you don’t have any, that’s ok. But the more raw information I have going in, the better I will be able to probe into your background and goals in our interview later on.


2. We meet. We talk by phone, in person, or by Skype for about 30 min.

a. I will ask you questions based on the information you supplied in step 1, thus helping me to explore your unique experiences, skills, and goals that will help you stand out as a top candidate for your position of interest.


3. I work. I use the knowledge gained in steps 1 and 2 to craft your resume and cover letter.

a. I will provide up to 2 rounds of revision per piece to ensure you are happy.
b. I will use published job descriptions from both your position of interest and from similar jobs to determine powerful keywords that will help employers find your resume and cover letter in their database.
c. I will charge nothing until you see work. (Typically, I bill half of a piece’s fee upon my submittal of the first draft and the rest upon your acceptance of the final version.)


And so you get a resume and cover letter tailored to bring your strengths to life, piquing the interest of the interviewer and setting you apart from your competition. And, in addition, you also get…



• A recording of our interview in mp3 format—a valuable tool to help you hear how you sound in a job interview type situation (in-person and phone conversations only).
• Final resume and cover letter e-mailed to you in easy to post, share, and edit Microsoft Word format.
• Easy, convenient, and secure payment via PayPal.
• Fair, affordable rates ($40 for a package of 1 resume and 1 cover letter).

Want to get started? Call 214-494-0852 or e-mail and we’ll schedule your consultation.