Top off your compliment bucket.

In your resume, who best to tell potential employers how good you are at what you do? How about your current employer or customers?

I’m not the first to suggest it, but it bears repeating: Customer statements such as “Your agent made me feel really good about buying from your company,” and performance evaluations such as “Steve excels at identifying and addressing customers’ needs, resulting in higher customer satisfaction,” can be turned into bullet points to really juice up your resume’s opening statement, where you boil your main strengths down quickly and powerfully into one or two lines, or to strengthen the body or your cover letter.

For example, if you were looking to advance your sales career, and you have received repeated compliments like the ones above, you might boost the description of your performance by adding a bullet such as

“Increased customer satisfaction and confidence, developing trusting customer relationships.”

  • Of course, if employer evaluations give you the data to back it up, sharpening your statements with precise numbers always adds punch. (E.g., “Developed customer satisfaction and confidence, leading to a personal sales conversion rate in the top 10% of my department.)

Compliments from customers and positive feedback from performance evaluations can even clue you in on talents you might have overlooked. (Talents that might line up with job descriptions). Also, performance evaluations (since they come directly from your employer) can provide precise, objective, and professional backup for talents you claim, both within your resume and cover letter and during the job interview itself. Both can add great power to your job search.

But only if you remember them. And that is where the aforementioned ‘compliment bucket’ comes in. It’s simply a pad of paper or a computer file that you keep handy. Whenever you receive customer compliments or positive job feedback, you toss the highlights in there for safekeeping, filling it up like a bucket. Then you carry on with your work. When you are ready to craft your resume, they will be waiting.

Again, this isn’t a new idea. But it is one that many don’t think of.

So keep your compliment bucket full; it’ll remind you of what makes you memorable.


Ted Perrotti, Founder

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